1. Whenever I meet feminists that I’ve never met before, they always ask me ‘what are you involved in? what are you doing?’ And I find myself making excuses and saying ‘well, I’m not doing very much at the moment, but for years I’ve been involved in lesbian groups - I’ve been involved in this and that and the other.’ And I always do that. Whenever they ask I find myself making excuses. But then afterwards I think, well, if I’m not really involved in any ‘feminist activity’ (because they seem to be saying that you’ve got to be involved in some campaign or group or something)… then how come almost every day of my life I feel knackered by the fact that I’ve been doing feminism all day long?
    – Liz Stanley and Sue Wise, Breaking Out Again: Feminist Ontology and Epistemology, New Edition (Routledge, 1993), p18

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