1. I don’t know if [erotica] can exist in this world we live in. I don’t think that much of it does exist. I think that the question itself is part of the male agenda around pornography and that’s what troubles me so much about the question. There are deep political issues involved in discussing what it means to look at something and have a sexual response to it, especially for women. That question is always used to obscure what the political issues are, as if everything has to do with the product and nothing has to do with what drives a person to need the product. In that sense I would characterise it as a male question because the male question always is, is there gonna be something left for me?
    – Andrea Dworkin in interview with Elizabeth Braeman and Carol Cox, published in Radically Speaking: Feminism Reclaimed, ed. Diane Bell, Renate D. Klein (Zed Books, 1996), pp. 210-11

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