1. I knew [women] existed, formally speaking; Mrs. So-and-So was everywhere, of course—peculiar, all held in, reticent and dutiful in public. I never saw one I wanted to become. Nevertheless, adults kept threatening that one day I had to be one. Apparently it was destiny and also hard work; you were born one but you also had to become one. Either you mastered exceptionally difficult and obscure rules too numerous and onerous to reveal to a child, even a child studying Leviticus; or you made one mistake, the nature of which was never specified. But politically speaking, women didn’t exist, and frankly, as human beings women didn’t exist either. You could live your whole life among them and never know who they were.

    Israel: Whose Country Is It Anyway? (Copyright © 1990 by Andrea Dworkin. All rights reserved.)

    [The linked article contains intense triggers for descriptions of pornography on its second page, including pornography of genocide]

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