1. A dualism, I have argued, results from a certain kind of denied dependency on a subordinated other. This relationship of denied tendency determines a certain kind of logical structure, in which the denial and the relation of domination/subordination shape the identity of both the relata. […] The dominant conception of the human/nature relation in the west has features corresponding to this logical structure. Because of this structure, escape from dualised relationship and dualised identity represents a particularly difficult problem, involving a sort of logical maze.
    – Val Plumwood, 'Feminism & the Mastery of Nature' (via aidsnegligee)

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  2. bananapeppers:


    I’m very glad (and feel flattered!) to see people like you engaging with my work. Thank you. :) The Prudes’ Progress has been a slow, quiet burner - I think a lot have read The Ethical Prude but taken a look at TPP and gone, “Huh? What’s this nonsense?” Good. I want the Progress to recommend itself only to those who are desperate, as I was, when I wrote it.

    seriously, thank you. although The Prudes’ Progress appeared on my dashboard last year, I only read (was ready to read) it mid-September, and it’s already been tremendously valuable. I began a similar process in a former relationship, but my aim was general, and my approach was riddled with self-judgment. I appreciate the clarity and direction of your series (because it’s not enough to identify what we need to remove: we also need to identify what we’re moving toward). I may print the articles (Part VI especially) just so I can go over them with a highlighter.

    Yes, well, seeing how much people say, “Why do radical feminists—” (I thought myself a radical feminist at the time) “— spend so much time talking about the negative and never do anything positive?”, my reaction was to roll up my sleeves, and say, “Okay…” I actually originally planned TPP as part of The Ethical Prude, but it rapidly became clear while writing that they’d have to be separated in time!

    And thank you, you’ve just inspired me to re-read the 5th and 6th Progressions. I aint done with this stuff either!

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  3. bananapeppers:

    When I’m in mixed-sex spaces, they are usually overwhelmingly white and mainly middle-class, and a process I see there is one where middle-class white men seize the ground of the “objective” point of view, which naturally positions everyone else as “subjective.” … The “objective point of view” is a way of relating to the world which assumes that the “objective” person is neutral and has full information.

    I can most easily talk about how this is done by men to women, but I don’t mean that it’s only done by men to women. From men to women, though, to simplify one main argument made by Catharine MacKinnon in Toward a Feminist Theory of the State: Because men believe they are objective, but also believe lies about women, they need women to conform to the lies in order to preserve their own believed objectivity. As people with power, men are able to arrange reality in this way. And so processes of objectification are what’s necessary to close the circle between men’s belief in their objectivity and men’s incorrect views of the essential nature of women—views that a truly “objective” person wouldn’t hold.

    Women (and some others identifying with non-male genders), on the other hand, are positioned as having a “subjective point of view,” which is a very generous treatment of us as subjects for a change, entitled to our own understandings and emotions. But they’re only our own, and men who consider themselves objective—plugged into the pure truth stream of the universe—look at those individual understandings, rooted in emotion, experience and shared wisdom, as something inferior.

    Lisa Millbank (@radtransfem). 2013. The Prudes’ Progress: Re-membering Feminist Desire, Part V: “Resisting Objectification, Be-coming Subjects (Continued).”

    “men who consider themselves plugged into the pure truth stream of the universe” ♥ shots fired

    this phenomenon is evidenced … everywhere, but it brings to mind for me the misogyny exhibited by a number of men in atheist/skeptic contexts.

    she continues:

    The answer isn’t for women to claim objectivity. There is no “women’s voice” to position as the objective voice, because “women” don’t have one voice. Some women are white, and we can use our white privilege to marginalise women of colour. Middle-class women and academic women can silence women without academic and class privileges. Seizing “objectivity” is a power play, only available to the powerful, and it naturally crowds others out because there is no one objective voice.

    I’m very glad (and feel flattered!) to see people like you engaging with my work. Thank you. :) The Prudes’ Progress has been a slow, quiet burner - I think a lot have read The Ethical Prude but taken a look at TPP and gone, “Huh? What’s this nonsense?” Good. I want the Progress to recommend itself only to those who are desperate, as I was, when I wrote it.

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  4. did that storify i just posted work on anyone else’s dash? it looks kinda weird on mine. i haven’t done it before - i used “embed”.

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  5. My rule of thumb is, seriously consider the advice of any critiquer who seems to understand what you’re trying to do. For critters who seem to not understand, consider if there’s a way for you to revise so that their misapprehension is less likely. And in the end, don’t take any advice that you don’t feel is helping to make your work more what you want it to be.
    – Ann Leckie, author of Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword

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  6. A trans woman may fear that her network of friends and acquaintances, especially if they are part of the LGBT community, will “take the side of the abusive partner.” A survivor in the study of LBT domestic violence recounts, “I know that if I were to tell any of the friends of my abuser they would not believe me. They would say she’s such a great person and she’s so outgoing
    and she’s so charming and she’s so gorgeous and so funny and so capable and she’s told them things about me, that I’m crazy, and they wouldn’t believe me. Such a split with friends may further isolate the trans woman within her small community, a division that the abuser may actively exploit. For instance, “[m]any [survivors] also noted that their abusers were well-liked by friends, and were able to take advantage of the small size of the community and the fact that both knew the same people to cut survivors off from their friends.” Being cut off from one’s friends is a significant issue because of the importance of one’s chosen family within the trans community. If estranged from her biological family, a trans woman’s chosen family is an incredibly valuable resource, and
    losing one’s friends thus presents a more serious issue for her than it would for many cisgender or heterosexual people. Abusers take advantage of this fact, actively seeking to separate their victims from their community.
    Still Hidden in the Closet: Trans Women and Domestic Violence.  Kae Greenberg.  BERKELEY JOURNAL OF GENDER, LAW & JUSTICE (via etherealspacewitch)

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  7. How does kink fit into my life? It doesn’t.


    CW: kink-negative perspective on a relationship.

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  8. What about the intersex people?


    A while ago I read a post by a TWEF titled “Well What About the Intersex people”. Now a lot of people ate that shit up because she was intersex and her point seemed pretty valid. The problem? Well it was from a TWEF, and every single intersex trans woman knows that TWEFs don’t give a damn about intersex trans people. So what I writing about today is well what about the intersex people?

    Thing is like we matter, we exist, and we aren’t a tool in your ideological battle. Whether it’s TWEFs pretending that they care about us to win imaginary points over the “genderists”, CAFAB trans people who try to use “the oppression of the intersex’ to further their transmisogyny, my own sisters using us for rhetoric, or just random asshats who don’t know a thing about us, people like to ask “what about the intersex people”.

    I’m both a trans woman and intersex. So I live this shit everyday. Your 8th grade concept of sex is bullshit. There it is. If that shatters your world good. I’ve written about it before so I’m not going to get into theory about how sex is gender. Tonight I’m just going to focus on the reality of being an intersex person.

    For starters, yeah being trans and being intersex are two different things. Secondly my existence and the existence of other intersex people is not insignificant. There upwards of more than 75 million of us alive on this planet. We are not an anomaly, we are not useless outliers. What we are is living proof that gender essentialist notions of sex are a western fairy tale. Sex is not a binary, sex is not a spectrum, sex is a lie. Thirdly dyadism is a thing and dyadic people both cis and trans need to shut the fuck up and listen. #dyadism should not be filled with dyadic people talking about dyadism.

    Pretty much dyadic people of all kinds use us as a prop; stop it. TWEFs we know you don’t actually care about intersex people because you don’t give a damn about all intersex people. Dyadic CAFAB people need to stop trying to use us as weapons to enact transmisogny (same goes for intersex CAFABs). Dyadic trans women I know you all are capable of talking about how sex is gender and how your bodies are female without pointing to us. You can also look to amplify our voices instead.

    Just if you take anything away from this, don’t use intersex people as a prop and don’t fucking ask “what about the intersex people?” unless you’re actually ready to listen. I’ve had way to many fucking dyadic people tell me to “ask an intersex person” and the argue with me about intersex shit after informing them that I am one. Cut the shit dyadic people.

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